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Radical-left ‘Refugee Justice League’ demands that all Utah schools become more Sharia-Law compliant to make Muslim students feel more comfortable


A nonprofit leftist organization that assists Muslim migrants and refugees in helping to make American behavior more sharia-compliant, is urging Utah schools to adopt a policy to help prevent incidents of Muslim girls being harassed for wearing Islamic supremacist headgear (hijab), simply because ONE girl had her hijab pulled off by another student ONE time.


DeseretNews Jim McConkie, a league founder, is recommending that “school officials should make appropriate exemptions to dress codes and accommodate Muslim students’ sincerely held religious beliefs.”

The suggested policy also recommends that school officials “accommodate student requests not to wear certain gym clothes and/or uniforms that students regard, on a religious basis, as immodest.” And they intend to force these policies on ALL Utah schools.

Maram Al-Shammari, 11, joined Withers and McConkie at the press conference. She said she her hijab was forcibly removed by “bullies” during recess at her Granite School District elementary school.

“It made me feel like they were taking away my privacy,” said Maram, who is an Iraqi Muslim. “That’s not acceptable.” Now a sixth-grader, Maram explained that she made a deliberate choice to wear a head scarf because it is a symbol of modesty and privacy in her Muslim faith. The incident occurred two years ago when she was in fourth grade.

Ben Horsley, spokesman for the Granite School District, said the incident was addressed by Mill Creek Elementary School administrators two years ago.
“In this particular case, it was not carried out by a group of students. It was carried out by one young boy and therefore was not deemed to be any act of religious harassment despite the assertions of this group. This was a 9-year-old acting like a 9-year-old,” Horsley said. The student is also a refugee, he said. (I wonder if he’s a Muslim?)

Not only did the school administer “appropriate correction and discipline with the student, more importantly, we actually pulled him aside and helped him understand why pulling this religious garb off this student’s head was insensitive and culturally inappropriate,” Horsley said.

Horsley said he thinks the Refugee Justice League’s goal is noble but he questions why this particular student’s experience was held out as an example “because it is clearly not a case of religious harassment.”